11 GIFs To Make You Want Coffee

Look, we feel your pain: it's the middle of the week. You're tired. You're counting down the minutes to the weekend. And you're wondering just how you're going to make it through the day. Well, we have your solution: coffee. 

Yes, it's absolutely time for you to go take a coffee break. Not only has research shown that coffee can help reduce physical pain (especially for you office drones wasting away at your computer), but it's even been linked to happiness. Happiness! Is there really anything happier than a beautifully crafted cup of coffee? Plus, you'll feel good while your cup of joe is chipping away at certain diseases, like Alzheimer's, skin cancer, and depression. 

A cup of coffee can be as much a mental 15-minute break as it is a Zen hiatus from your life, which is why we're particularly excited to share our most beloved coffee shops across America. You'll find plenty of excuses to duck out for a cup of coffee, or to take a break from the hubbub of the world with a good friend, a good book, and a good drink. And with that, we leave you with our 11 favorite coffee GIFs to inspire your next coffee break. 

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