11 Essential Tailgating Tools From Your Kitchen

Can you feel that?

It's the distinct change of season, and it's in the air. The weather is getting cooler, leaves are changing colors, and the holiday season chatter is just about to begin.

And of course, there's the biggest hint of all that a new season has arrived — the start of football.

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For many, tailgating has become a sport in and of itself. There are competitions and practice runs, special equipment, and game plans. And when it comes to tailgating, you really can't overplay the importance of good equipment. As any good tailgating chef will tell you, the games and drinks can only get you so far, because the food at a tailgating party is really the main event.

Here, we've rounded up some important — if somewhat unconventional — essential tailgating equipment that the most seasoned tailgater uses to make sure their cook-athon goes off without a hitch. From objects that will help you keep things clean and safe to tools that can pull double-duty at a moment's notice, having these everyday kitchen goodies on hand will prepare you for anything that's thrown at you out there on the tailgating field.

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