11 Culinary Content Network Stories to Read Right Now Slideshow

Haniela’s — Spinach Lentil Quinoa Cakes with Radish Chives Cream

Haniela’s (from my kitchen to yours), likes to be called Hani, for short, and describes herself as "a behind the scenes baker, chef, cookie decorator, gardener, and photographer." In this post, Hani shares a recipe using fresh chives, making spinach lentil quinoa cakes.

Cookistry — Gadgets: Mastrad Silicone Egg Poacher Cups

Cookistry (Cook, Bake, Boil, and Bubble), is all about creating, experimenting, and playing with food in the kitchen. She believes cooking is a combination of art and science, where one cannot exist without the other. Here, Cookistry talks about poaching eggs, and while "not all that difficult," it can require practice, and help from this product…

Girli Chef — Paloma Cocktail

Girli Chef thinks that food is the second universal language that unites our past, memories, emotions, and cultures. She loves garlic, freshly baked bread, stinky cheese, good soup, Mexican food, and kung fu. In this post, Girli Chef dreams of tropical climates, with a recipe for a Paloma cocktail. 

MarocMama — Take a Stand: Support Organic and Local Farming

MarocMama is a "curious world traveling mom, mom of two busy boys, foodie at heart," and lover of social media and all things Moroccan. She started her blog to share her recipes and those of her Moroccan husband’s family, and hopes to inspire others to explore Moroccan cuisine and culture. In this post, MarocMama sings to the cause, calling everyone to shop organic, and shop local.

Hungry Happenings —Festive Food Inspired by Nature

Hungry Happenings is a blog of festive food for special occasions. Although this post is geared toward Earth Day, a day that has technically passed, we would say that everyday should be Earth Day and would urge you to check out these creative and kid-friendly ideas.

Coconut & Lime — Gorgonzola Chive Cheese Ball

Coconut & Lime is a "seventh-generation Baltimorean, dog owner, reader, movie-watcher, sunglass-wearer," and, wait for it… "food lover." After starting Coconut & Lime back in 2004 as a way to record recipes and share with friends, she has since developed into a full time blog/blogger, professional recipe developer, food columnist, two-time cookbook author, and amateur food photographer. In this post, Coconut & Lime argues the necessity of the cheese ball, and revamps '50s flashbacks with these gourmet treats.

The Messy Baker — Why I Don’t Post Nutritional Data

The Messy Baker, Charmain Christie, blogs at her husband’s behest, with a cookbook due on store shelves in spring 2014. She describes her influences as her mother and Canadian Living magazine; she loves fresh ingredients and balanced flavors, and won’t mess with anything too complex (except for when it comes to baking). She’s a trained journalist, and her favorite flavors all begin with "C"… coincidence? In this post, The Messy Baker gets theatrical in a lament on nutrition labels.

Green Chilli Peppers — Papaya Lemon Juice

Green Chilli Peppers (For the Love of Food), is an amateur cook "trying to make a statement in the world of yumminess." She loves nature and is always looking for ways to make her life as healthy and Earth-friendly as possible. Her blog features recipes that span all cuisines, inspired by an "exploration for good food." In this post, this up-and-coming blogger dazzles us with a unique recipe and thirst-quenching photo, for papaya lemon juice.

Love Grows Wild — 12 Projects for Home and 10 Delicious Recipes to Try!

Love Grows Wild loves everything about being a homemaker, from cooking for her family to creating handmade cards to throwing parties to teaching herself to sew. Her friends call her "Mini Martha," and she loves every second of it. Love Grows Wild gives her a voice and an opportunity to share her passions, and to invite others to follow her on her journey of crafting, designing, and discovering what life is all about. Here, Mini Martha mixes home projects and recipes, for a little decorative and edible art.