11 Crazy Food-Themed Christmas Ornaments

Most people think of Christmas as a beautiful time. There are lovely carols, amazing presents, and gorgeous light displays. We spend hours pulling down the countless holiday knick-knacks from the attic and even more time setting them up with décor themes that range from winter wonderland to Santa's workshop. Snowmen can be the main holiday decoration focus or everything can be based around that favorite red-nosed reindeer. Some of us go for grandeur, some of us go for playful, like focusing our décor around the foods we love, and some of us just go for the downright weird.

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Christmas can totally be amended to fit your style, and this is especially true of the Christmas tree. But you may not have known just how diverse the decorations can get. We don't mean those huge blow-up lawn ornaments or those questionably colored Christmas lights. We are talking about getting completely crazy with your decorations, and we think you should start with your tree since that is the one place where the décor rules are most flexible. While it is easy to create a tree theme and color scheme, you still have the opportunity to make it a diverse space.

To help you do that, we found 11 hilarious food-themed Christmas ornaments that will make the perfect addition to your wacky tree or make the perfect gift for the offbeat food lover in your life. Don't believe us? Then check out the frozen "pizzacicle" ornament we found. Still don't believe us? How about a pirate mushroom ornament for your tree? To see all of the wacky wonderfulness in all its glory, check out our accompanying slideshow.

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