11 Cold-Weather Drinks From Around The World

As the cold-weather season creeps up on us, so does the season of steaming hot drinks. Whether it's a frothy cappuccino, a cup of green tea, or a rich hot chocolate that's your cold-weather drink of choice, a warming drink can often brighten up a gloomy autumn day. Though tea, coffee, and hot chocolate — in different shapes and forms — are the most commonly known hot drinks in America, different countries all over the world have their own traditional drinks that are enjoyed warm.

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In Costa Rica, something as simple as whole sugar cane dissolved in hot water makes for the classic regional drink agua dulce. Masala chai — a drink that might remind you of the Starbucks chai latte — originates in South Asia, and dates back as far as 5,000 years, when the spiced tea beverage was used as part of the healing tradition of ayurveda alternative medicine. A common drink in America, the citrusy whiskey-spiked Hot Toddy has its origins in the U.K., and it's often enjoyed as a night cap or as a remedy for the common cold. 

We at The Daily Meal decided to find out what warming beverages are served in countries all over the world — from Australia to Holland to Indonesia — and have gathered a list of 11 classic and unique regional drinks. So the next time you feel like a steaming cup of something, look through our slideshow of 11 cold-weather drinks from around the world for inspiration.