11 Celebrity-Owned Restaurants Around the World

These destinations are as famous for their owners as for their food and drink

Angels & Kings

What do celebrities really mean when they say they’re taking some time off? We’ve seen them frolicking on the beach and booking opulent hotel suites, but what do they do when they need a break from the red carpet for a while? As we discovered, many have opened restaurants and bars throughout the U.S. But what started with Sammy Hagar's place in Cabo has turned into a full-fledged trend of celebrity-owned eateries and bars opening up around the world.

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Robert De Niro’s partnership with Nobu Matsuhisa has been incredibly successful for both, with Nobu restaurants popping up across the U.S. and into Dubai, Melbourne, Tokyo, Beijing, and London, counting 22 in total. Rocker Pete Wentz opened up a few domestic locations of his popular Angels & Kings bar, only to then skip town to open a location in Barcelona. And where else would one find Bono’s restaurant than in his native Ireland? His Tea Room Restaurant sits in the Clarence Hotel in Dublin.

Truth be told, most of us only dream of rubbing elbows with celebrities or frequenting the places often packed with A-list celebrities and stalked by paparazzi. And while you won’t find Pete behind the bar at Angels & Kings, or Bono taking your order at tea time, word has it that celebrity-owned places attract other celebrities. So perhaps you will get to rub elbows after all. Just remember to act cool.