Little Caesar's Secret Menu Items You Need To Try

Would you believe us if we told you the Little Caesars pizza franchise started because of a blind date? According to the chain, co-founders Mike Ilitch and Marian Bayoff did just that. The duo put all they had, financially and emotionally, into their first pizza joint in a Michigan suburb, which opened in 1959. 

If you live near a Little Caesars Pizza, its tagline — "Pizza! Pizza!" — likely lives rent-free in your head. Customers now recognize the pizza chain for its inexpensive cheese and pepperoni pizzas served up in short order. While these pizzas are the center of the show, they're not the only bites you can snag from this spot. Indeed, Little Caesars offers a variety of items that you won't find on the menu. But all you have to do is ask nicely to access some of this chain's secret menu. These are some of the Little Caesars secret menu items you need to try next time your pizza craving hits.

Crazier Crazy Bread

One of Little Caesar's most popular menu items is its crazy bread. This ultra-popular menu item is actually pizza dough that's been sliced into small pieces and covered with garlic salt, butter, and parmesan cheese (via Top Secret Recipes). Some may argue this bread tastes better than the pizzas themselves.

Most Little Caesars customers know about crazy bread, but not everyone knows the secret menu twin known as crazier crazy bread (via Chew Boom). To make Little Caesars' crazy bread a bit crazier, you can politely ask employees to bake additional cheese and toppings on top of the bread, like pepperoni. Just be sure that it's not too busy when you put in your request.

With garlic, crazy bread, and added pepperoni, can you imagine a more delicious appetizer? This secret cheesy or meaty bread makes the perfect addition to any meal or even a substitute for your typical pepperoni pizza if you ask us.

Crazy Crust

We all know that Little Caesars fans rave about the chain's crazy bread. In fact, their cravings are so strong that many may claim love it more than the chain's pizza. But what if we told you that it was possible to have the best of both worlds? If you love the cheesy crazy bread, add a crazy crust to your next Little Caesars Pizza. One Twitter user suggests that employees will add butter and parmesan cheese to your pizza crust for no added charge. It's like crazy bread in every bite of your favorite pizza.

You won't find this on the standard menu, but this crust has caught on in the community of Little Caesars lovers. YouTuber Mark Reviews noted that you could not only order crazy crust but also get the sauce atop your pizza. We know one thing: we will be ordering our next pizza with the crazy crust for sure.

Zesty cheese bread

If you still haven't caught on to the theme here, then you should know that we have a thing for cheesy bread. That's good, as the zesty cheese bread secret menu item contains a lot of cheese. It all started as an employee secret that got out. Over on Reddit, one former employee said that they loved doctoring up this secret menu item with dried basil and extra onions, though they noted that it works well with green bell peppers and jalapeños, too.

When they say "zesty," that typically means you'll get a cheesy, spicy bite, especially when you ask for jalapeños. So, the next time you head into your local Little Caesars, try ordering your usual pizza with a side of zesty cheese bread instead of the more ordinary (though rightfully beloved) crazy bread. We promise it will pack as much flavor as the original stuff, but with added spice instead of your usual garlic flavor.

Buffalo or BBQ sauce pizza

Little Caesars' famous Hot-N-Ready Pizza comes with a standard marinara sauce, but why stop there? We stumbled upon a Little Caesar fan suggesting that you can take things beyond the everyday, even with Little Caesars pizza. On Reddit, a Little Caesars regular claims that some franchise locations will allow you to take away that plain old marinara sauce for Buffalo, barbecue, or even butter garlic sauce on your pizza. The possibilities feel endless with this secret sauce insight. A Hot-N-Ready cheese pizza that's been jazzed up with a helping of tangy barbecue sauce? Yes, please!

Yes, it's true that many pizza chains give you the option to choose your own pizza sauce, but Little Caesars does not explicitly outline many sauce options on its menu. Ultimately, this secret menu hack allows you to customize your pizza at a pizza place that doesn't advertise many choices for its fast food options.

Double-Decker Thin Crust

Is double the crust really better? We were thrilled to learn about the Little Caesars Double-Decker Thin Crust. Most customers are familiar with the Hot-N-Ready Pizza, which features a thick crust. Little Caesars also advertises a thin-crust pepperoni or cheese pizza, so what sets this secret crust apart from the ones on the menu?

If asked nicely and time allows, Little Caesars employees will craft the Double-Decker Thin Crust by cooking two thin-crust pizzas on top of one another (via Grubwire). This creates room between the crusts to add more cheese and toppings. It's nothing less than a pizza lover's dream.

One former Little Caesars employee on Reddit noted that the Double-Decker Thin Crust was a particular standout for secret menu items. This item might be one of Little Caesars' best-kept secrets, so let us know if you try it next time you grab a pizza at the chain.

Mock Dunkaroos

We've highlighted a lot of fantastic pizza additions, appetizers, and secret menu items, but we couldn't forget about an essential part of any take-out pizza meal: dessert. If we're grabbing crazy bread and a Buffalo sauce pizza, we're adding "Dunkaroos" to the order, complete with frosting for dipping. It will take a bit of extra work, however, as these aren't official Dunkaroos, though they get darn close. To make the frosting, order a side of cream cheese, then mix cinnamon and sugar with it (via Grubwire). Then ask for a bag of the kid's cookies. We think that this dessert will create the perfect sweet and cinnamon-infused treat to compliment your salty pepperoni pizza.

Not all stores carry the cookies, but if you're lucky to score one of these sweet bags, you might mention that you have more kids at home to secure a couple of extra bags of delicious goods. 

Cinnamon pizza

Cinnamon pizza, you say? Grab this secret menu item from Little Caesars if you plan to enjoy dinner with a larger group. It will feed more than the Dunkaroos, and you can avoid the awkward interaction of asking for additional bags of kid's cookies if you're feeling a bit shy. As per a few enthusiastic Redditors, the pizza chain's cinnamon pizza takes the cake for the best dessert from Little Caesars. To create this secret menu item, an employee simply takes a large round of dough and covers it in cinnamon bites before cooking.

For desserts, Little Caesars has a small official menu, but we think the cinnamon pizza makes for a better dessert than what you see there. That cinnamon and icing are especially satisfying after you've demolished multiple slices of savory pizza. We're lobbying for the cinnamon pizza to land on the official Little Caesars menu.

Pizza cake

If desserts simply aren't your jam, then we might have the fix for you at Little Caesars. While we love Dunkaroos and cinnamon pizza, we recognize some Little Caesars lovers will always choose savory over sweet. We have something for you if you have a birthday or a celebration that generally calls for a cake and candles. We're talking about the pizza cake, a secret item that takes some putting together on the customer's part.

To achieve pizza cake greatness, ask your local Little Caesars to bake a regular pizza with a deep dish pizza on top (via Secret Menus). This massive tower of cheese, sauce, and dough will become the perfect vessel for candles. No real cake? No problem when you can enjoy the best kind of dough: pizza dough. This "cake" is the ideal pinnacle of your birthday party table if you often stay away from sweets.

Bacon-Wrapped Stuffed Crust Pizza

This secret menu item is a real tongue-twister of an order that might be harder to say than it is to digest. That would be the bacon-wrapped stuffed crust deep-dish pizza. Yeah, try saying that three times fast.

Former Little Caesars employees exchanged their thoughts on this dish on Reddit, including a discussion as to whether or not their former stores would create the order for customers. Many said the complexity of the dish, with its plethora of meats and cheeses, made it difficult to ring up, especially on busy nights. Others said they could make it happen, but it would cost customers a pretty penny compared to a standard pizza order. Another claimed that the bacon-wrapped stuffed crust deep-dish is less frustrating to make than a standard stuffed crust. While we don't know the complexities of creating these secret menu items, you might still try this gut-buster as a sometimes treat.