Dunkin' Is Celebrating The Holidays With Free Coffee Mondays

Dunkin' is celebrating the 2022 holiday season by giving away some java.

It's an exciting idea, but it isn't actually a new one for the company. As reported by Thrillist, back in August of 2020, Dunkin' gave away one free cup of coffee (hot or iced) to each DD Perks member every Monday — as long as they also purchased food. This lasted throughout the month, and there was even a similar Free Donut Friday deal going on back then, too. Free donut deals had already been tried out earlier that same year, but this seems to have been the first time Dunkin' gave away free coffee each Monday. Considering this was only a few months into the pandemic, that may have been a way for Dunkin' to try lifting its fans' spirits. Or perhaps Dunkin' just needed to encourage quarantining customers to return to its drive-thru?

Either way, the good news for Dunkin' Rewards members is that Dunkin' has brought back Free Coffee Mondays throughout the month of November '22.

A festive pick-me-up

Starting November 7, Dunkin' reinstated Free Coffee Mondays. Dunkin' Rewards members can take advantage of this throughout the month, each Monday, including November 14, 21, and 28. Specifically, members get a free medium hot or iced coffee with any purchase. Dunkin' also has new Cookie Butter donuts and Pancake Wake-Up Wraps for sale to brighten the dreary start of winter.

Is this simply Thanksgiving cheer? Possibly, but there might be another reason. As documented by Fortune, Dunkin' revamped its rewards program just a month earlier, in October. Once called "DD Perks," it is now known simply as "Dunkin' Rewards." In essence, members now earn points faster and can even redeem them for food, but those points don't go as far towards drinks compared to beforehand. Members must spend even more than they used to in order to unlock their "free" drink.

With that exchange rate changing, not everybody was thrilled. CNBC documented dissatisfied customers taking to social media to voice their concerns. So, could this new deal be a way to smooth things over and give Dunkin' Rewards members what they really want, but only for a limited time?

There's no such thing as a free lunch or in this case a free coffee. Although, for those who run on Dunkin', free cups of joe are still worth being at least somewhat thankful for.