What You Need To Know About The Orange Signs At Lidl

When considering the best grocery stores, names like Walmart, Safeway, and Aldi might come to mind. Though these are popular, anyone who shops exclusively at these supermarkets might be missing out on some lesser-known shopping experiences that could save them money and provide them with a whole new adventure in food. One of these is the German brand Lidl, which has only made its presence in America known in recent years, according to its website.

Like any store, Lidl has its own peculiarities to the shopping experience. In the same way that there are strategies to spot the best food and drink bargains at Costco, there are means of saving money at Lidl that are unique to the store. According to Which? News, one of these ways is to download the app. Another way to find savings is to look for different color signs around the store, which provide sale indicators. And for the bargain shopper who can't resist a deal, orange signs are one of the best to seek out.

Lidl's orange signs mean big discounts for shoppers

Lidl isn't subtle about its deals. The easiest way to find a deal at Lidl store is to look around. If you see anything bright orange, that's probably going to be a bargain, says NBC12. Orange signs on shelves and orange stickers on items have the heaviest reductions in price, according to Clark.com, and they can often be found right at the front of the store. These markdowns are part of Lidl's commitment to reduce food waste, so not only are shoppers getting a great discount, but they're also preventing items from being thrown out, explains Produce Business.

For shoppers who are still looking for even more savings, there might be good news. Leicestershire Live took a trip to Lidl to see where to find the best prices on items. Naturally, it was easy to find the orange signs and stickers, but there were also additional stickers that offered savings, at least in U.K. stores. These stickers were green and were placed on meat and poultry items. These are part of Lidl's "Waste Not" program and show various price reductions on perfectly good products that are about to reach their "sell by" date. Other geographic regions may have the same or similar markings, so give everything a good look to see if there's a chance to save money.