Little Bites Snacks Ranked From Worst To Best

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Whether you're packing a snack to bring to work or school, have for breakfast, or are looking for something sweet to have as a dessert, muffins make for a great treat. Some muffins are so big they're practically a cake, and probably would be better had as a meal or dessert than a snack. How about mini muffins though? With these snacks, you can have your favorite kind of muffin, but as little or as much as you want by popping one, two, or more of them into your mouth at a time. Muffins are a process to make though, as are mini muffins — so it's a good thing that Little Bites exist.

Little Bites, owned by the Entenmann's brand, are mini muffins, and more recently mini cookie treats that can be bought in packs, and enjoyed by anyone with a huge sweet tooth, and in need of a good snack. There are a lot of Little Bite snacks, however, from chocolate chip cookies to blueberry muffins. With so many snacks to choose from, it isn't easy to pick a favorite — especially when it comes to muffins. Fortunately for you, we've taken all of the Little Bites snacks, and ranked them from worst to best, so the next time you want some mini muffins or cookies, you'll know which Little Bites are the tastiest.

10. Party Cake Cookies

While Entenmann's is best known for the Little Bite Muffins they carry, they also have two mini cookie snacks, as well. The first item on this list is one of those snacks — the Party Cake Cookies. These take on the flavor of a delicious birthday cake, but in a soft-baked cookie form. These sweet cookies are made with colorful rainbow sprinkles inside and contain six cookies per pouch. A sugary treat like birthday cake is welcomed flavor in milkshakes, ice creams, and yes, even these cookies. While these cookies taste on par with many birthday cake-flavored products, however, there's a bit that could be improved.

In terms of flavor, these cookies are right up any birthday cake fan's alley – and let's be honest: If you're craving some Little Bites, then you're looking for a sweeter snack. There is, however, a thing as too sweet, and these cookies definitely are on the edge of being too sugary when it comes to taste. There also isn't any chocolate or noticeable flavor other than "sugar cookie" to balance that out (via Amazon). That doesn't mean they taste awful, but that, along with the fact that they fall apart easily within the packaging makes for a not-so-appetizing Little Bites snack.

9. Apple Cinnamon Muffins

When the weather starts to cool, and leaves start to change colors, the entire country (or at least the regions with four seasons) excitedly welcomes the coming of autumn, especially when it comes to food. Pumpkin spice may be one of the most popular fall flavors, but aside from that, apple cinnamon is another fall flavor that many enjoy. Apple cinnamon donuts and other food and drinks all pop up during this time of year, and the same can be said about Little Bite's Apple Cinnamon Muffins. Made with real apples and cinnamon, this limited-time snack is perfect for the season, and tastes wonderful.

These muffins very clearly taste of cinnamon, and you'll pick up on the hints of real apple flavor in each bite. Some reviewers have compared the flavor of these Little Bites to eating apple cider donuts, or some other apple and cinnamon-flavored food (via YouTube). These muffins deliver the flavor nicely, and if these were around year-round, we'd definitely rank them higher. However, since they're only available for a limited time, it's a bit of a letdown that you can't find them and enjoy them whenever you want. Because of this, we can't really put them as high as some of the flavors you can get year-round.

8. Chocolate Chip Cookies

Who doesn't love a warm glass of milk, paired with a freshly baked chocolate chip cookie? You might always have time to make your own cookies from scratch, and there's a huge range of grocery store cookie brands, so it's no surprise that there are Little Bite Chocolate Cookies. While other cookie brands may be lacking in some areas, and these cookies aren't perfect, they do make for a surprisingly delicious snack — when the cookie holds itself together.

Unlike the party cake cookies, this product has chocolate chips that help hold it together a little better, and provides an additional depth to the already sweet, soft-baked cookie. There are six cookies in each pack, perfect for a dessert or sweet treat to pack into a kid's lunch for school (as per Mama's Geeky). There are quite a few people who also enjoy putting them in the microwave, and having these cookies warm, as they come in an almost dough-like state (via YouTube). Now you may still find that these cookies fall apart easily due to their soft nature, but with a chocolatey, sweet taste, they aren't bad by any means.

7. Party Cake Muffins

Up next, we have a Little Bites product that's the same flavor as the previous entry on this list, but in muffin form. The Party Cake Muffins are made up of the company's classic, golden, and sweet muffins, with some colorful sprinkles mixed in. With four muffins per pouch, these snacks attempt to make one feel as though they are consuming a flavorful celebration in every bite. While these muffins taste soft and sweet, and look amazing, however, there isn't really anything else going for them. They taste delicious — so long as you can stand the overly sugary taste that the muffins hold.

Anyone who likes birthday cake-flavored things will love these, without a doubt. They are incredibly soft and have an almost funfetti birthday cake-like flavor to them, as described by Sean's Skillet. When compared to other Little Bite's, however, these muffins just fall a bit flat once you get past the sugary cake texture. The flavor is not bad by any means, though if you're someone who doesn't like snacks that taste like a sweet, soft cake, then you might want to try one of Little Bite's other snacks. That said, if you want a sugary afternoon treat, and enjoy mini cakes and funfetti, then you'll adore these Little Bite muffins, as well.

6. Strawberry Yogurt

These Strawberry Yogurt Muffins take on the taste of the incredibly popular yogurt flavor and according to the brand's website, are made with real strawberries, providing a fruity, sweet flavor to the Little Bit muffins. They even look the part, too, with a pink strawberry color to each muffin.

These snacks are definitely for those who prefer the more fruit-flavored muffins versus Entemann's more sugary offerings, and overall are quite delicious. You can really taste the strawberries within each bite, thanks to the company using real fruit to make them. While each bite is rather sweet, too, it doesn't have an overwhelmingly sugary taste, making for a lighter, well-balanced muffin. One reviewer on Influenster also notes that these Little Bite's have an enjoyably creamy aspect to them, and said they can taste the yogurt flavor within each muffin. Some might find them a little sweet — but come on, we're about talking mini muffins here. For a Little Bite's product, this snack is definitely one you shouldn't miss out on, should you see it in stores.

5. Crumb Cake Muffins

Cinnamon is a common thing to find in desserts and breakfasts. Cinnamon muffins are a popular breakfast item, thanks to their warm, sweet, and incredible flavor of the spice. No matter the time of day, though, we think that Little Bite's Cinnamon Crumb Cake Muffins successfully offer consumers a taste of small, bite-sized crumb cakes, using cinnamon crumbs, and buttery brown sugar.

The Cinnamon Crumb Cake Muffins certainly won't taste as good as a classic crumb cake or coffee cake, but these do taste pretty amazing. With four cakes in a pouch, you get a load of cinnamon goodness with each muffin snack. The cinnamon topping takes up a lot of what would be the actual muffin, leaving you with less muffin, and more crumb — but that isn't necessarily a negative against these snacks. People adore these muffins: The heavily sweet cinnamon flavor, along with the softness of the snack are the big selling point of this item (as per Target). It isn't the crumbiest of crumb cakes, but for what you can buy in the snack section of your local grocery store, these crumb cake muffins are pretty great.

4. Banana Muffins

Who doesn't love a good banana nut muffin in the morning? Like all muffins though, sometimes we don't have the time to buy everything that involves breaking the breakfast treat. There are a lot of muffins you can buy in stores, too, but sometimes you don't want a giant banana muffin — perhaps you want a mini one. That's where Little Bite's Banana Muffins come in: made with real bananas, this product takes on the flavor of any good banana bread and replicates that in a Little Bites snack.

Unlike many of the Little Bites snacks on this list, there aren't any chocolate chips, blueberries, or some other sweet add-in other than the golden muffin. This makes the texture fairly consistent, so you only get that incredible banana flavor that each muffin holds. It smells a lot like good banana bread, and accomplishes this on the taste front, as well (via Taquitos). The sweeter nature of these muffins compared to other banana breads may be a bit much for some, but other than that, these muffins make for a great snack, dessert, or any meal that calls for some banana muffins.

3. Blueberry Muffins

Blueberry muffins are perhaps one of the most popular muffin flavors known to man. Sweet, fruity, and delicious, there's little that can beat a fresh blueberry muffin in the morning. There's a reason it's such a popular flavor — it's delicious! As a mini muffin-centric brand name, it's obvious that Little Bites would carry a blueberry-flavored snack amongst all of its muffin products. The Blueberry Muffins are made with real blueberries, and within each pack, you'll find four fresh, moist muffins. They aren't the exact same as a muffin you might find at a bakery, but in terms of Little Bites, these snacks are fantastic.

Little Bites fans adore this flavor, enjoying the freshness of each bite (via Amazon). These taste sweet, admittedly, but for mini muffins, the blueberries offer a fresher, more natural flavor than something like sprinkles or chocolate chips. These could make a good breakfast for someone in a rush, or a sweet, filling snack for anyone who loves the taste of blueberry muffins. They're incredibly soft, so it's possible that you might find a pack of these muffins that may be a bit messed up, while it's also a possibility that the blueberries might not taste the best (as per Amazon), but for the most part, you'll find yourself with a solid bite-sized blueberry muffin.

2. Fudge Brownies

Little Bites has mini muffins, cakes, and cookies, but what about brownies? Believe it or not, the Little Bites brand also has a brownie snack, and while this is definitely more of a dessert than a snack, it's a really good treat. Entenmann's Little Bites Fudge Brownies are made with real chocolate, and come with four brownies per pack. Like any brownie, these are a lot denser than your typical Little Bites product and contain a lot more sugar than many of the muffins. However, we'd argue that's what makes this treat so good, and what places this treat so highly on this list.

While we couldn't see ourselves having these at breakfast, we can easily see ourselves enjoying these brownies from time to time. Even though they have a lot of sugar in them (23 grams per pouch), you can actually taste the chocolate in each muffin (via Amazon). They only resemble a muffin by shape — these are definitely brownies. They look like brownies, taste like brownies, and have the consistency of a brownie. You could have these with a scoop of ice cream, and it will be a lot like having a brownie you made at home. It's also an incredibly popular flavor, so you won't have any trouble finding it the next time you go out shopping.

1. Chocolate Chip Muffins

At the top of this Little Bites list, we have none other than the Chocolate Chip Muffins. A classic flavor with a name that says it all: These golden muffins are made with real chocolate chips, and you get four muffins in each pouch. Fresh, soft, and sweet, these muffins are like most of the other Little Bites muffins in terms of texture, but with the added bonus of fresh chocolate chips — and can you really beat that? These are up there among one of the most popular flavors of muffins that the Little Bites name carries, and for a good reason.

These muffins have everything we love about all of the other little bites snacks, and have taken the best of all of that, and turned it into a single snack. These muffins are soft, moist, and contain a good amount of chocolate chips in each muffin, making for a sweet, rich, and delicious delight. People love these muffins, so much so that they wish a single pack contained more than four muffins, and instead, five or six (via Amazon). Another reviewer agreed that these muffins make for a fantastic snack to have in the morning or in between meals. For a chocolate chip mini muffin, these Little Bites are hard to beat, which is why we feel as though this product deserves its spot at the top of this list.