The Kit Kat Flavor Made For Fall

The rhetorical demand to "Have a Break. Have a Kit Kat" is one of the most recognizable slogans in the candy game. But it begs the question: Which Kit Kat? The brand's original milk chocolate number is still pulling its weight, but the candy's lasting popularity more likely owes itself to its never-ending portfolio of inventive flavors. Convenience stores in Japan play host to some of the wildest contenders of the bunch, including purple sweet potato, cantaloupe, sakura cherry blossom, sake, and wasabi, per OMG Japan. Those can be a little harder to track down in the U.S., but that doesn't mean Kit Kat fans in the U.S. are stuck with the original. 

During every holiday season, the brand shakes things up with limited-time flavors. In the wintertime, you might find flavors like Gingerbread Cookie and Sweet Cinnamon. As for right now, Halloween is upon us, which means the brand has re-released some seasonal favorites that evoke all things autumnal and spooky. Here are two flavors not to miss. 

A pumpkin pie and a witch's brew

You can't swing a dead cat without hitting a stack of pumpkins in the month of October. The orange gourd has a place in comforting curries, soups, decked-out stoops, the Halloween costume section of Party City, and — most importantly — pies. Sure, you could make a pie in its traditional form using homemade pumpkin puree from your harvest festival haul, but you could also go to the store and pick up Kit Kat's seasonal Pumpkin Pie flavor. We were pleasantly surprised by the balanced pumpkin spice flavors, which is especially impressive given that the flavor doesn't contain any real pumpkin, per Kit Kat. The candy company describes the flavor as "an enchantingly delicious combination of crisp wafers and pumpkin pie-flavored creme."

If you need a snack accessory to go with your pointy hat and broom, consider Witch's Brew. The florescent-green-dyed white chocolate flavor has wafers covered in a marshmallow-flavored creme, per Kit Kat. Some adults might find it sickeningly sweet, but that probably won't be a complaint among trick-or-treaters. Especially ones dressed as witches.