107-Year-Old Credits Long Life to Red Wine

A man lived to 107 by avoiding water in favor of red wine
Red wine

Wikimedia/Lourdes Cardenal

A 107-year-old man in Spain credited his impressively long lifespan to a steady diet of homemade red wine. 

The world has a new diet guru in Antonio Docampo García, a Spanish man who lived over 100 years and said it was all thanks to drinking a massive quantity of good red wine.

Red wine has numerous reported health benefits, but Garcia took his consumption a step further than most. According to The Local, Garcia’s son says his father never drank water and could finish a liter and a half of red wine all at once, and usually did so every day at lunch and dinner.

"When we were both at home we could get through 200 litres of wine a month," Garcia’s son said. "He never drank water."

Garcia drank his own brand of wine and credited his red wine diet with his long life, and something certainly seemed to be working for him, because Garcia, who passed away last week in northwestern Spain, lived to be an impressive 107 years old.

Garcia was a veteran of the Spanish Civil War, and after the fighting he dedicated himself to producing his own homemade red wine via a company called Bodegas Docampo, which produced wine for sale, but also for Garcia’s personal consumption.

"If he produced 60,000 litres a year he would keep 3,000 litres for himself," said Garcia’s nephew, who currently runs Bodegas Docampo. Seems like a pretty good way to live.