The McDonald's McRib May Have Returned For The Last Time Ever

It is official: The McRib is back. Fast food giant McDonald's announced on its official website on October 24 that this popular yet ever-elusive barbecue pork sandwich is finally back on menus nationwide for a limited time.

First launched in the United States in 1982, the McRib — which features a boneless McRib pork patty, smothered with McRib barbecue sauce and covered in onions and pickle slices atop a homestyle bun — suffered a few growing pains before becoming one of the chain's most beloved sandwiches. According to Thrillist, the McRib was nicknamed "the McFlop" and quietly pulled from the menu by 1983. However, the chain didn't give up on the McRib entirely — it eventually became a popular menu staple in the 1990s, and its following has only grown from there. These days, it only reappears as part of a limited-time promo at seemingly random times, fans line up to snag this sandwich whenever it returns to the menu.

But this time, the news of the McRib's return is a little bittersweet. McDonald's is warning fans that this is the McRib's final Farewell Tour, meaning this is the last time fans of the sandwich will be able to enjoy its smokey, savory delights. The item will only remain on the menu until November 20, 2022, before it is gone for good, so McDonald's is advising fans to "enjoy our famous pork sandwich as if it's your last!" But why? And will it stick?

The McRib has been on a 'Farewell Tour' before

Some fans might be skeptical about this year's "Farewell Tour," and with good reason. When it comes to the McRib, this is something akin to the fast food chain that called wolf. According to People, the McRib's first farewell tour launched way back in 2005. However, that particular tour lasted a mere three years before the chain finally pulled the item from its menu — but not forever, and certainly not for long.

Over the past decade, the chain has regularly brought back the popular pork sandwich as part of its special, limited-time offerings, much to the delight of its fans. The company's Instagram account teased the most recent returns in December 2020 — and again in November 2021 – telling fans to "mark their calendars." However, its repeated return might have some people skeptical about if the company is really ready to retire the McRib for good, or if this current "Farewell Tour" is simply a marketing ploy. While it remains to be seen if this truly will be the McRib's last hurrah, fans of the sandwich still probably won't want to miss out on the chance to enjoy it while they can.