The Burger King Slogan Is Receiving A Crown-Worthy Makeover

If you're a brand trying to sell a product in a crowded market, it's helpful to have a slogan. Not only do quippy catchphrases help differentiate businesses that hawk similar goods, but they also have the gainful effect of getting stuck in the heads of target consumers as they fall asleep to a slideshow of the day's subliminal advertisements. What's more, slogans can be a tool to spotlight a brand's values — and, for lack of a better term, overall vibe. 

Fast-food franchises, in particular, are masters in the art of the slogan. It's easy to imagine a hypothetical "Mad Men" scene in which Peggy Olsen draws a single tear from the eye of Taco Bell's CEO with a dramatic lead-up to the brand's rallying cry: "Live Más." On the surface, Taco Bell's goal is to make profits from its virally popular takes on Mexican American dishes, but its slogan suggests that the franchise's Mexican Pizzas and Crunchwrap Supremes are merely stepping stones on the path to a life well-lived. 

Taco Bell has changed its slogan several times over the years, having landed on "Live Más" in 2012 after a long stint of encouraging people to "Think Outside the Bun" (via AdAge). As of this week, Burger King is doing the same. The brand's slogan since 1974, "Have It Your Way," is yielding the throne to a new adage: "You Rule."

At Burger King, you are the master of your own domain

Burger King's new slogan got its very own jingle in a new commercial released on October 6. The musical number features the new catchphrase, "You Rule," while managing to sneak in the brand's former slogan for old-time's sake. "You rule, you're seizing the day. At BK, have it your way," rings the chorus (which is already stuck in our heads, by the way). 

The new catchphrase is part of the chain's $4 million "Reclaim the Flame" campaign, a massive refresh plan that comprises both efficiency improvements in stores and a "facelift" on the advertising side, per CNBC. A nod to the chain's royal mascot, "You Rule" levels up the sentiment of "Have It Your Way" by reminding customers that they can customize their Burger King order to their liking. "[The new slogan] is about celebrating everyday royalty and puts the Guest at the forefront of everything the brand does," a Burger King rep told The Takeout. In other words, the customer is always right at BK.