Halloween-Inspired Ice Cream Is Making A Spooky Return To Cold Stone

Are you enamored with all things Halloween? Is your front yard decor more reminiscent of Stephen King than Martha Stewart? If your favorite hues are black and orange and you plan your Halloween costume for months in advance, you will likely be thrilled to learn that Cold Stone Creamery has recently introduced its spooky seasonal flavor. 

But whoa — hold up. Isn't it a tad too cold outside for ice cream? It turns out that cooler weather may be the perfect time for a cone or bowl of this beloved dairy concoction. Apparently, many Americans were already aware of the joys of eating ice cream off-season, as YouGov reports that a whopping 68% enjoy it all year long — and yes, even at Halloween. After all, who wants to let a little thing like the weather prevent them from partaking in exciting seasonal ice cream releases? Certainly not devoted fans of the spookiest day of the year. So, what exactly is Cold Stone's eerie edible offering, and when can you get your claws on some? 

Boo Batter Ice Cream hit Cold Stone Creameries October 1

For the month of October, Cold Stone Creamery's Cake Batter Ice Cream will make a ghoulish transformation into Boo Batter Ice Cream once again, with its signature inky black shade, as the ice cream company announced in a recent official press release. But if you're worried that Cold Stone has tinkered with the familiar taste of their beloved Cake Batter concoction, don't fret. According to Brand Eating, the only difference is, as you might have already guessed, the addition of "black food coloring." Yes, you will get the flavor of this treasured classic with the horrifying hue of Halloween. 

As an added bonus, Cold Stone's website says this Treat or Treat creation also includes "Kit Kat, Halloween Oreo cookies, and M&Ms." Just remember, if you want to devour one of these chilling creations, you'll have to move much quicker than the average zombie. Boo Batter will disappear on October 31.