M&M's Is Making History With The Addition Of A Brand New Color

Whether you're a fan of M&M's or not, you're probably familiar with the brand's character mascots, each of which represents a different M&M color, and is paired with a distinct personality to boot. These fun-loving characters are featured on the packaging and marketing materials; when they're in an animated form, they are voiced by well-known celebrities, such as J.K. Simmons (Yellow) and Vanessa Williams (Ms. Brown), per the website Behind the Voice Actors.

If you've been paying close enough attention, you may have noticed that all but one color of the rainbow was represented by these characters. Now, however, it looks like this is no longer the case. In September 2022, the "melts in your mouth, not in your hands" candy company announced the addition of its newest character and color: Purple, per Mars, Inc.

Purple joins Yellow as a peanut M&M, 10 years after the last character was added, as Today reported on September 28. Sporting a pair of lace-up boots and long lashes, Purple made her debut in song. In a light-hearted music video, she sings about how she's just going to be herself, sending a powerful message to the world.

Does Purple represent a new M&M flavor?

Unlike some of the other M&M's characters, Purple will not represent a new flavor. Instead, she represents acceptance and inclusivity, according to Mars, Inc. In the song, "I'm Just Gonna Be Me," she celebrates individuality and lets viewers know that it's okay to be themselves, even if that means being different. The official M&M website seems to echo this sentiment, stating, "With her optimistic outlook, quirky nature, and authentic charm, our newest crew member reminds us to embrace our true selves. Imagine a world with less judgment and more connection and consistent laughter."

Although you won't find Purple inside any bags of M&Ms on store shelves, you will find her on some limited-edition packaging and other promotional material (via CNN Business). You can also still choose the color purple as a custom option when ordering on the M&M's Design Your Own website.

Purple, the newest spokesperson (or rather, spokescandy) for M&M's, serves as a more accurate representation of global diversity. "This was about ensuring that the entire crew, the entire cast of spokescandies, were reflecting the world that we're living in," Jane Hwang, global vice president of M&Ms, told CNN. And with Purple's debut, the M&M's rainbow is now complete.