10 Wedding Superstitions Around The World

Wherever you go in the world, you will find people with their own unique set of beliefs. For some people it is cultural, for others it is religious. But no matter what they are rooted in, they will always have some sort of effect on the way life is lived. This is especially true for the big moments from births to weddings.

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For Western cultures, many of the beliefs and customs are closely tied to religion, but there are a few superstitious beliefs when it comes to weddings. For good luck, the night before the wedding is spent apart from your future spouse so the marriage is pure and blessed. Bride's toss their bouquet to the single ladies in the room, so the woman who catches the flowers can be next to marry. While the little superstitions aren't canon to a specific origin, they are an integral part of our celebrations.

Around the world, many religions and cultures have their superstitions that make their own wedding days special. For instance, in Greece, brides-to-be believe that hiding a sugar cube in their glove will let them have a sweet marriage. In India, if you spill milk before or after the wedding, you are dooming the newlyweds to a hard life together. Whether you are hoping for good luck or to avoid a terrible curse, click through our slideshow to learn more about some of the interesting wedding superstitions around the world

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