10 Ways to Eat Yourself Younger

The foods you eat could help with anti-aging

The fountain of youth just may be flowing with olive oil and dark chocolate. It’s always best to get your nutrients from whole foods, rather than supplements, and those vitamins, minerals, and micronutrients are responsible for the health, maintenance, and repair of your heart, skin, hair, bones, teeth, brain, and other parts that tend to decline with age. Nutrients from food can help build bone density, prevent or even reverse certain types of cancer, and repair the damage caused by free radicals. So if you want to turn back time and stay youthful — eat up!

— JulieVR, Babble

Greek Yogurt
Loaded with calcium and with twice the protein of ordinary yogurt — about 17 grams in 6 ounces of plain Greek yogurt — it's good for your bones and teeth. A good thing when women in particular begin to lose calcium and bone density as they age — particularly after menopause. Dairy products are also loaded with vitamin A, which does wonders for your skin.

Try this Greek yogurt parfait — and 6 other ways to enjoy it!


Fatty fish such as salmon are referred to as brain food because of their omega 3 fatty acids, which are necessary for human health but must come from outside sources as our bodies can't produce them. Omega 3s reduce inflammation and are important for brain function and overall health. Those healthy fats are fantastic for your skin, too.
The Family Kitchen has a peach barbecue salmon with Caesar salad!


A study released last year by scientists at the USDA Human Nutrition Research Center on Aging at Tufts University demonstrated the prompt and powerful effect of a short-term blueberry-enriched diet on aged lab animals. The study suggests that even a brief period of blueberry-enriched feeding may prevent and reverse a considerable degree of age-related object memory decline.
Try this blueberry buttermilk snacking cake!


Studies have shown that the lycopene content of watermelon helps protect your body from damaging UV rays — from the inside out.

Cool off with real watermelon popsicles!





Legumes such as lentils are packed with good things, including B vitamins, which are essential for healthy hair, skin, eyes, muscle tone, and nervous system; they also help with the breakdown of carbohydrates into glucose, providing proper energy. Protein helps repair damage caused by free radicals; the combination of whole grains and legumes provides a complete protein, and a hefty dose of fiber as well.

Try a warming bowl of lentil chili, and 6 other lentil recipes!

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