10 Ways to Accessorize with Food

It's not just about gold and silver anymore.

Would this even be comfortable? We wonder.

True food lovers look at their world and wonder about how food can fit into every aspect of it. At The Daily Meal, we constantly push you to think outside the box, with everything from decorating with your food to food-inspired must haves for your home. Embracing the quirky, fun side of food is a fine way to express yourself through a unique art form, and one that’s steadily growing more and more popular.

To eat or to wear? Take a peek at these food-inspired accessories!

When photographer Fulvio Bonavia looked at the fashion world, he was inspired to blend his passions for gorgeous garb and fresh food in his "A Matter of Taste" series. Berry bags, cabbage bracelets, and silver fish belts are more extreme ways of wearing food, but his keen eye has us thinking: Are there ways to realistically wear your food aside from obnoxious shirt stains or classic candy necklaces?

With the help of Pinterest, we’ve found the best of both DIY and for-sale items to help you become a food-loving fashionista. From real PEZ earrings to macaroni-covered shoes, you’ll have unique, food-savvy style in no time.