10 Vegetarian Athletes Slideshow

A Heisman Trophy-winner who played for the University of Texas (go Longhorns!), Williams left the game during the height of his career to explore yoga and marijuana, among other things. He co-owns a restaurant in Miami that serves meat, but he makes sure that there are plenty of vegetarian-friendly options on the menu. 


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Tony Gonzalez, NFL Tight End

A shoe-in for the Hall of Fame, this Atlanta Falcons tight end was a dual-sports star at UC Berkeley, playing both basketball and football for the Golden Bears. He enjoys eating his vegetables to fuel his body and career. 


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Prince Fielder, First Basemen, Milwaukee Brewers (MLB)

Son of former Tigers slugger Cecil Fielder and a strict vegetarian, budding Milwaukee Brewers first basemen Prince Fielder will be a star in the Major Leagues for years to come. 


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Carl Lewis, Olympic Track Star

Carl Lewis, the American Olympic track hero of the 1980s who was on a vegan diet while competing (also famous for his failed attempt at singing the national anthem), is now trying his hand in politics, gunning for a place in the New Jersey senate.


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Mike Tyson, Former Professional Boxer

It seems like after his cameo in The Hangover, Iron Mike, one of the most feared fighters in his generations, has taken on a warm and fuzzy persona that includes a shift to veganism for a healthier way of life. The pro boxer now has his own television show about his obsession with pigeons.


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Joe Namath, Former NFL Quarterback

New York Jets hero Broadway Joe, also famous for being a playboy during the '60s and '70s, guaranteed a victory before the 1969 Super Bowl — and delivered. You wouldn't think that this cocky former athlete would have experimented with vegetarianism as well. 


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Carmelo Anthony, NBA Player

New York's most recent sports celebrity after being traded to the Knicks from Denver a few months ago, Anthony turns vegetarian when he's on a diet. He's also husband to celebrity wife and former MTV VJ Lala


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Desmond Howard, Former Wide Receiver and Return Specialist for Green Bay Packers (NFL)

A former Heisman Trophy-winner at Michigan and Super Bowl MVP for the Green Bay Packers, Howard now makes his living in television covering college football for ESPN (and makes sure to eat his greens).


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Hank Aaron, Former MLB Player

Aaron was the all-time home-run champion until his record was broken by Barry Bonds. Many baseball purists still regard him to be the all-time record holder because of Bond's ties to steroids. 


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Billie Jean King, Tennis Superstar

Billie Jean King, along with Martina Navratilova, are two of the most celebrated women's tennis players of all time — both are also known for their achievements in championing women's and gay/lesbian rights. They are also both long-time vegetarians. 


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