10 Unusual Wedding Cakes Slideshow

Bamboo Cake

For the animal-loving bride and groom, choose something that reminds you of the zoo, like this deep blue-hued cake adorned with bamboo and bright green leaves from Cake Alchemy in New York City. 

A Wedding Cake Split in Two

This cake from the Costa Mesa, Calif. shop Christopher Garrens illustrates the different personalities of a bride and groom (heels vs. sneakers; Champagne vs. beer). Wondering how the sides keep from toppling over?


So are we...

Light-Up Damask Cake

If a cake with glitter and bright colors isn't enough, why not add lights? This unusual cake from Florida's Creative Cake Factory features three damask-textured, fondant-covered layers each made of a different flavor (red velvet, coconut key lime, and butterscotch rum). In between the layers are custom-made acrylic boxes filled with LED lights and clear gems. 

Donut Cake

If you can make a wedding cake out of cupcakes, why not doughnuts, too? For those who love breakfast (and doughnuts), this cake from Perfect Wedding Cake is for you. 

Ganesh-Inspired Cake

This brightly-colored custom cake made by The Butter End features a 7 ½-inch Ganesh topper made of modeling chocolate. Each cake layer is hand-decorated with piped mendhi designs before being brushed with edible gold pigment.


While the cake itself was enjoyed at the celebration, the bride and groom saved Ganesh as their keepsake.

A Cake Inspired by Jewelry

At a little over three feet in height and weighing more than 50 pounds, this is no ordinary cake (it's also mojito-flavored, with a rum-soaked mint cake layered with lime cream; it's one of the designer's most popular flavors). Inspired by two necklaces, the cake was covered with fondant before "gems" made of sugar and modeling chocolate were added for decoration. Made by Rugged Ice Cakes of Las Vegas.

Genie Cake

If you've always wanted to consult a genie in a bottle (or were a fan of I Dream of Jeannie or Aladdin), this four-layer cake is for you. Designed by New York City-based Cake Alchemy, each layer is covered with a unique fondant pattern and the whole cake is topped with a gold-dusted (and edible) oil lamp. 

Dr. Who Cake

Inspired by the British television series, Dr. Who, this completely edible cake combines a classic white layer cake with something more menacing: dinosaurs.


The Butter End team created two towering dinosaurs out of modeling chocolate and positioned them so it looks like they are attempting to eat the rolled chocolate-covered cake (the bride and groom were married at the Museum of Natural History in Los Angeles). The whole design was topped with a time-traveling police box (called a tardis) topper, inspired by the TV show, that the bride and groom saved to enjoy on their first anniversary.

Lovebirds Cake

Two macaws, sitting on a log, K-I-S-S-I-N-G. 


This tropical-themed love bird cake from New Jersey-based Pink Cake Box features sugar orchids and hibiscus growing along the log cake. Look closely to see the replica of the bride's engagement ring around the female bird's foot. 

Wedding Ring Cake

Inspired by a pearl wedding ring, this simple yet elegant cake from Las Vegas-based Rugged Ice Cakes appears plain, yet inside each layer is a different, highly unusual flavor: mint cake with lime cream; coffee/vodka-soaked marble cake with Bailey's mousse; rum-soaked caramel cake with Bailey's mousse and caramel; guava cake with Grand Marnier syrup and guava jam, and a strawberry cake with raspberry jalapeño jam and blackberry mousse.