10 Untraditional Thanksgiving Parties

There is no doubt that it is stressful for one person to coordinate and execute all of the cooking on Thanksgiving Day and then appear lively and energetic when mingling amongst guests. But as it's a holiday and a celebratory time, Thanksgiving shouldn't be a day that you dread getting out of bed for.

When heading to the dentist or spending the day alone seems more appealing than sharing a roast turkey with your extended family, there are alternatives to consider. Each of these untraditional celebrations will offer you a chance to have a truly memorable Thanksgiving, with plenty of reason to celebrate, and also reduce the burden of hovering over an oven or stove for days.

Want to celebrate the holiday with friends, but still have to fly home to dine with the 'rents? Host a friend Thanksgiving, potluck-style. Or round up the entire neighborhood for a Thanksgiving feast that moves down the block — yes, with a different course at each home.

We've come up with 10 alternatives to the usual Thanksgiving feast for those of you who want to rebel against the formal meal with family (or are just looking for an excuse to spend the day fully focused on football). Be it with breakfast or a meal consisting solely of pie, we'll satisfy your craving for turkey (and pumpkin) and save you from all that kitchen drama.

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