10 Unique KFC Meals From Around The World

Kentucky Fried Chicken may be based in the Louisville, K.Y., but this fast-food chain has an immense global presence. For example, the chain was recently named the most powerful international brand in China (even over McDonald's and Coca-Cola) in a two-year survey that included 60,000 participants.

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Massive brands like McDonald's and KFC are different in the menus they offer, but are similar in that they have found a way to use unique marketing strategies that are tailored to specific regions. For example, they implement colloquialisms like "wicked" and "fancy" in London and serve traditional Singaporean porridge with their original chicken in Singapore.

Though menu items at KFC in the United States can also vary by location, it appears as though international outlets have a wide range of different selections that are determined by the general tastes of a certain culture. There are Ramadan specials in KFC Arabia, as well as fried veg sticks in India. They've even incorporated other American brands like Krispy Kreme into some of their combo meals in KFC Arabia (and we not-so-secretly wish that they would do this in the US)!

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This article was originally published August 2, 2013