10 Top-Notch Study Abroad Spots for Food Lovers

Where to spend the semester hitting the books and the bistros

Photo Sasabune Omakase Modified: Flickr/erin/CC 4.0

Forget Thursday nights out, no class on Fridays, and Saturday tailgates before the big game — college clichés can't even hold a candle to spending a semester studying abroad. Having the opportunity to live and learn in a foreign country is a truly unmatchable experience every co-ed should try to take advantage of (degree permitting, of course). While adapting to another culture is not an easy task to do, once you’ve fully immersed yourself as a visiting citizen of your chosen city, a bit of advice — leave no stone unturned. And for a food lover, that means trying every restaurant, food stall, gourmet market, and lunch special until you can proudly proclaim you’ve conquered them all.

Some emerging epicureans opt for continental Europe, while others boldly venture to unconventional places with a food culture all their own. Some may opt for spending their semesters stocking up on scrumptious xiao long bao in Shanghai, while others may devote time to trying tasty tapas in Madrid, or even gorging on gourmet burgers in Buenos Aires.

Eating abroad is a learning experience, and patience is required to find that unbeatable brunch deal in Berlin. But we’ve come up with a cheat sheet to ease you into your transition overseas, so that one day, you’ll be schooling us on where to find the best empanadas in Syndey.

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