10 College Towns With The Best Food

Deciding where to go to college can be a life-changing event. Do you want a big campus or just buildings scattered through the city? Do you want Greek life or a liberal arts vibe? How big do you want class sizes to be? All of those things play huge roles in what college you decide to attend, but before you go planning your prospective college tour across the country, the responsible thing is to make sure your future home is filled with a reliably delectable culinary scene.

As more and more people not employed in (or studying) the food industry start their own food and dining blogs across the country, it's ever more evident just how much people love all-things-food — talking about it, thinking about it, reviewing it, eating it — no matter what their concentration may be. Just because you're heading toward a degree in political science doesn't mean you're not passionate about cheese and charcuterie.

Study sessions in Chapel Hill, North Carolina, are bound to be delicious, what with so much scrumptious barbecue and perfectly Southern biscuits. Students in Princeton, New Jersey,will discover that freshly caught seafood and authentic gelato have proven to cure writer's block. Finding the best foodstuffs around is known to increase levels of popularity in school, so in-the-know students in Burlington, Vermont, should have no problem making friends. And all-nighters are nothing if not an excuse to drink deliciously strong coffee and snack on freshly baked goodies, which proves easy if you're hitting the books in Madison, Wisconsin.

We have all tried to study on an empty (or upset) stomach and learned the hard way, it just isn't worth it. These are ten college towns with food so good, you may stick around for that infamous fifth year.

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