10 Top Bites From the Village Voice’s 2nd Annual Choice Streets Food Truck Event

25 trucks took over the USS Intrepid’s pier to showcase their wares
Dan Myers

25 food trucks participated in the annual event.

Tuesday night, the Village Voice took over the pier that the USS Intrepid is docked at, on the west side of Manhattan, and brought in 25 of the city’s most popular food trucks to hand out the best they had to offer for their 2nd annual Choice Streets Food Truck Event. A $40 ticket bought guests unlimited tastings of offerings ranging from tacos to ice cream to pupusas to grilled chicken souvlaki, as well as beer from Shock Top and wines and spirits from a handful of producers. As an added perk, guests had the opportunity to board the Intrepid itself, check out the aircraft on the flight deck and the museum on the hangar deck, and take a ride in a flight simulator.

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While the lines were at times unbearably long (and waiting on one only to learn that the truck ran out of food right as you reached the front was certainly no fun), those who had the fortitude were rewarded handsomely. The Solber Pupusas truck, which is one of the Red Hook Ball Fields’ star attractions, was on hand, giving out freshly made pupusas filled with chicken, cheese, and jalapeños; Wafels & Dinges made everyone happy with their waffle topped with candied bacon, whipped cream, and bourbon sauce; the Mac Truck’s macaroni and cheese was a real crowd-pleaser (even though they ran out pretty early); as were empanadas filled with Argentine-style ground beef, spicy chipotle chicken, and spinach and mozzarella from Nuchas.


While it was nearly impossible to try every offering (with long lines, vendors running out of food, and dwindling stomach space to blame), we had the chance to sample some of them, with no duds among the pack. Click through for 10 top bites from 2013’s Choice Streets.