10 Tons Of Hashish Uncovered In Tomato Plot

A truckload of delicious red tomatoes was stopped by Moroccan police on Friday during a search of a port near Tangiers. The fruit was supposed to be headed to France, but on further investigation police discovered that it was mostly full of hashish.

According to The Local, under a thin veneer of tomatoes, the truck was actually full of 10 tons of cannabis that had actually been shaped into little balls "to look like tomatoes," said regional police colonel Abdellah Dachri.

Some tomatoes are green, but Tangiers police were not fooled by the ruse. The driver of the truck was arrested, and police say an investigation is underway to find his accomplices.

The Local reports that marijuana farming has been declining in the past decade, but Morocco remains one of the world's primary sources. An estimated 700,000 Moroccans make a living from its cultivation. 10 tons of tomato-shaped hashish might sound like a huge score, but last year alone police seized an estimated 250 tons.