10 Tips for the Best Kid Birthday Party Ever

Give the kids a truly happy birthday
Birthday Party Tips

Your little ones are guaranteed to have a blast at their birthday party if you follow these helpful tips.

When you were a kid, your birthday was such a big deal to you, it might as well have been a national holiday. Parents who remember when a certain day fell into the “most exciting day ever” category, will want to go all-out for their offsprings' birthday celebrations, majorly upping the ante on throwing a fantastic bash. And while you don’t need to recreate a Ringling Bros. Circus in your backyard, there are easy ways to guarantee the party will be amazing.

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The best place to start with any party is with a theme. Once you have a theme in mind, it opens the doors to a huge world of options, from food to decorations. These little details are what make the bash something really special. Grab some eye-catching invitations (sites like Minted.com or TinyPrints.com always have a lot of options) to give your guests a taste of what’s to come. Your invites will stand out on the fridge and will set the tone for the good times ahead.

For a child's party, consider keeping the guest list on the smaller side so your child isn't overwhelmed and can have fun with just a few friends. Plan it after nap time, allowing you to avoid cranky attitudes. And while you are snagging your invites, pick up a few thank-you cards. Thank-you cards are the cherry on top of a perfect party and leave a really nice impression.

To help you pull off the best birthday party for your kid, we pulled together a list of 11 must-follow tips that will make party planning a lot easier!

Choose a Theme

Choosing a theme is a great place to start when it comes to planning the best bash possible. Whether you are inspired by the little one's favorite movie (Frozen, anyone?) or toy, picking a central theme will allow you to use creativity to cater the rest of the party to your needs around one central idea.

Plan Out a Menu

Every good party needs good food. And this is where you need to stretch your creative muscles to come up with a complete, inventive menu. Say Frozen is the theme. Include some "melted snow" to drink (water) and some frozen treats. If your theme is less specific, come up with fun names for all of your foods and drinks to fit it and label them so guests will know!


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