10 Tips for Becoming a Locavore Slideshow

Read Shelf Tags and Labels

Jane Bruce

Check the shelf tags and labels for produce origins and chose the produce that is grown closest to your home. "Every time you can buy something that supports your local community and local food system, it’ll have a big impact," Steinmetz advises.

Add Local Food to Your Holiday Meal

Jane Bruce

Add a local food to your holiday meal and talk to your family about where it was produced.

Ask Your Butcher About Local Meat

Jane Bruce

Ask your local meat butcher for any meat which is within your state or county, and purchase this.

Purchase Local Goods This Holiday Season

Jane Bruce

Celebrate local with holiday purchases from local farmers such as honey, maple syrup, nuts, etc. Be sure to add the name of the farmer and location, if possible.

Make Buying Local a Weekly Ritual

Our weekend ritual includes a stop at our local bakery for the bread for the week. Find a ritual that supports a local food business and shop regularly.

Ask the Grocery Manager About Local Products

"The produce manager will be as responsive to you as possible. Managers pay attention to who is asking, what’s being asked, and what people are asking for. They know their vendors and when products come in, and can give you the most useful advice," says Steinmetz.

Choose Brands Close to Home

Jane Bruce

Check the labels on the stocked shelf items of the grocery store to choose the brand closest to your home. "I recently found a mustard made in our state," says Steinmetz.

Order Local Items at Restaurants

Ask your local restaurant if they buy local food and congratulate them on their purchase, then try the menu item!

Grow Your Own Herbs

Jane Bruce

Buy a pot and seeds to grow your own culinary herbs, either inside or outside.

Meet a Farmer

Jane Bruce

"Farmers will feel supported. If someone cares enough to meet them, they’ll provide a lot of background and knowledge about the produce consumers are buying. They’re proud of their work and will often have tips on how to use their product more effectively."