10 Things To Make Your Kitchen Greener

Finding time to make smart choices in the kitchen can be hard. Busy schedules and responsibilities will inevitably put more time consuming projects at the bottom of the list. Everybody would like to make choices that reduce their impact on the environment, but sometimes those decisions require time and research that is not always available. To make some of your decisions easier, we have compiled a list of 10 things to make your kitchen greener.

10 Things to Make Your Kitchen Greener (Slideshow)

Doing your part for the environment is easier than you think. There are affordable, household tools and equipment that have less environmental impact than others. Instead of using plastic or paper bags for school or work lunches that are either non-reusable or non-biodegradable, try a stainless steel lunch box.

Certain polycarbonate products, in particular the ones used to manufacture tupperware, are known to contain a chemical called BPA. According to the National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences, these chemicals can leach into foods and be absorbed into the body. If you are concerned about chemical bi-products making their way into your food, try one of these BPA-free tupperware sets.

It's always smart to start small. There are everyday purchases that have less of an impact on the environment in their manufacturing that you can easily swap out for generic brands. Many household products are manufactured with or contain the abrasive chemical chlorine bleach.

For those concerned about the negative impacts of using abrasive synthetic chemicals or products that use those chemicals in their manufacture, try purchasing coffee filters made from recycled materials or buying cheesecloth that doesn't use bleach. There are many practical solutions to help you "green" your kitchen that doesn't require tons of research and headaches. Click on the slideshow for quick and easy solutions that are good for both you and the environment.