10 Terrific Party Mixes to Try at Home

From sweet to savory, these bold recipes are brilliant party starters

No one party mix is the same.

When you hear the words "party mix," what do you think of?

These Party Mixes Are Prefect and Easy Add-Ons to Your Menu Line-Up

If you’re thinking of the ultimate tunes to accompany your bash, you're thinking of the wrong "mix" —  but don’t fret, we have plenty of playlists for you, too. Now if you’re thinking about endless combinations of your favorite snack foods, then you’re right on target.

Party mixes — also known as snack mixes — are great to serve when hosting.

They're great for game night, perfect for pairing with a wine and cheese spread, and even better when packaged up and given as favors for guests to enjoy on the way home.

The various textures, shapes, and colors create a welcoming and often nostalgic vibe that makes guests want to stick their hand in the bowl for a taste.

While we’re very aware that Chex has a serious hold on the party mix industry, we looked to the Web and found some stellar blends that push the flavor envelope big time.


Incorporating unexpected ingredients and tipping the scale in the sweet and savory balance, these mixes are packing some real punch.