10 Spring Recipes For Your Party

Open your windows, ditch the sweaters, and sweep up the back deck. Spring, a time full of new beginnings and new reasons to celebrate, has finally sprung. And what better way to begin anew than with a few fresh entertaining ideas?

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You could take inspiration from the world around you and host a garden party where guests show up in their Sunday best and lounge in the backyard. Terracotta pots make for stellar décor and food presentation. Prepare a delicious guacamole dish and spruce up the table with bright colors for a fancy fiesta. Make a DIY taco bar or hang a piñata out back and watch your friends flail around trying to get some sweet candy. Or simply fire up the grill and enjoy the fact that you can wear a sundress without shivering.

No matter what your style of entertaining is, a spring celebration is always called for. But if you're entertaining this weekend, you need a spring inspired menu to get you through your soiree. Entice your guests with a spring appetizer like strawberry ricotta bread. Fill them up with grilled pizza and spring vegetable ratatouille before treating them to a refreshing frozen dessert. Oh, and don't forget to loosen them up with a classic spring cocktail. With a killer menu like the one we curated, your guests will be basking in the culinary glory of all that is spring!

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