10 Secrets To Making Perfect Pizza

It takes the right combination of pizza crust, pizza sauce, and toppings to make perfect pizza at home. Whether you prefer thin crust, deep dish, or calzone, the basic principles of dough making and topping selection are key to acing all types of pizza. Everyone has their pizza preference, and there are many tips and tricks to help pull off the perfect homemade pizza.

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A great pizza crust should be many things: at once fluffy on the inside, crispy on the outside, as well as chewy and soft as a whole. In pizza parlors, pizzaiolos use brick ovens for the best temperature control and crisp char, but you can get great results in your home oven. It takes the right skill, a good dose of patience, and practice to get it right. There are several types of dough and different flours that can make an amazing crust. These are the types of flours that you can use to make pizza dough: wheat flour, semolina, corn flour, bread flour, and cake flour. This crusty foundation will make or break the final combination of textures and flavors that go into a memorable pizza.

The most popular pizza sauce is tomato based, but there are countless varieties with which to play and experiment. Alternatives to red sauce are: béchamel, pesto, garlic and oil, and even barbecue sauce.

The possibilities of pizza toppings are endless. One of the joys of making pizza at home is that topping combinations are infinitely customizable. Choosing and perfecting a pizza recipe that suits your taste will require trial and error, but making homemade pizza can be a lot of fun. Plan a family pizza-making night or have a pizza-making themed party. For a fun pizza bar, simply pre-make the dough, and before your guests arrive, lay out different pizza sauces and toppings for them to choose from.

By following these homemade pizza secrets and tips, you'll be on your way to great pizza in no time.

Use Cornmeal

Dust your pan with cornmeal to prevent the dough from sticking. Not only is this trick helpful, but it also adds a deliciously crunchy texture to the bottom of the crust.

Use Fresh Yeast

To kick the pizza dough flavor up a notch, opt for fresh yeast in cake-form instead of out of a packet.

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