10 Regional Bites of France

Get these classic Italian dishes from the top-reviewed spots around the country

Get a taste of some of the most authentic French dishes while traveling around France.

We consider ourselves lucky when we get to taste a country’s authentic dishes by traveling there ourselves. And if we’re even more fortunate, then we can expand our horizons beyond the big capitals to explore the regions where many of a given country’s culinary traditions originate. Is there a more ideal situation than tasting food and drink from the source?

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There’s really no better way to learn about French culture than through its food. And while Paris is full of gastronomic delights, France is a country that’s almost the size of Texas (actually smaller) that is full of distinct and widely varying regional cuisines. When visiting, we love to explore the whole gamut of culinary traditions. And it’s not hard; almost anywhere you go in this country, there is a regional cheese, a local wine style and a whole host of unique dishes that are well worth sampling.

To bring you some of the most popular spots from the best food regions in France, we’ve teamed up with Triposo, a travel app that lists locations around the world based on the number of positive mentions across social review sites. Using their data, we created a list of the fan-favorite dishes and the best locations to sample them throughout France’s many gastronomic capitals.


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