10 Reasons Your Herb Garden Is Dying

These days, eating your garden is all the rage. People clamor around during the summer, planting and cultivating fruits, vegetables, and herbs all in an effort to have the freshest, ripest produce around. Sure, you can hit up a farmers market, but nothing really beats rolling out of your front door and grabbing a fresh sprig of lavender to toss in your lemonade or a handful of rosemary and thyme to sprinkle over your chicken. Yes, herb gardening is a thing now. And we are better for it.

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But beginner herb gardening can be a real pain in the behind sometimes. When you don't have the right tools and knowledge, your herb garden might not grow as strong or as healthy as you'd planned. And there's nothing as disappointing and frustrating as a failing herb garden. Maybe you planted your herbs in a place with way too much sun and they're fried beyond repair. Or perhaps you over watered and drowned your plants. There are plenty of ways to kill an herb garden unknowingly.

There are also plenty of ways to have your herb garden thrive and grow to be strong, useful, and healthy. It just takes a little care, a little patience, and a little know-how. We want to see your herb garden grow as much as you do. So we're here to help with some useful tips and suggestions about why your herb garden may be dying.

You Aren't Giving Your Herbs Enough Sun

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Plants and herbs are like people trying to survive a dreary winter. They crave sunlight. When you start your herb garden, look at the labels and research your plants. See if they need full sun and if so, plant them somewhere that they'll have access to at least six hours of sunlight a day.

You Are Giving Them Too Much Sun

herb garden tips
The flip side of the previous problem is too much sun. Imagine planting something and then sitting it under an incredibly hot sun lamp for hours and hours. It can fry the plant. Water adequately and read your labels, checking to see exactly how much sun your plant requires per day before planting it somewhere in full sun.

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