10 Reasons To Use Apple Cider Vinegar

I was recently introduced to a new weight-loss diet plan that required a tablespoon of raw apple cider vinegar every morning.  Along with properties that aid in weight loss, apple cider vinegar is packed with different vitamins and nutrients that are beneficial to your body.

Here is a list of 10 reasons as to why you should drink apple cider vinegar:

1.   Rich in potassium

Potassium is a mineral that is key for growth, building muscles, transmission of nerve impulses and heart activity.

2.   Strengthens and whitens your teeth 

Rub your teeth directly (or use like a mouthwash) with the vinegar and then rinse.

3.   Prevents sickness with its antiviral properties

Apple cider vinegar contains properties that break up mucus in your body and decreases allergies.

4.   Balances pH levels

ACV is rich in Acetic and malice acid which helps your body  maintain proper pH levels for a healthy alkaline state.

5.   Helps regulate your blood sugar and blood pressure

Adding vinegar to your diet reduces the increase of blood concentrations of insulin and glucose that comes after consuming a meal.

6.    Aids in digestion and helps remove your body of toxins

Since the vinegar balances your pH levels, it also helps with an overall detoxification and getting rid of toxins in your liver.

7.   Clears up skin conditions and gets rid of blemishes

Add a dab of apple cider vinegar to a cotton ball and allow it to sit overnight to get rid of blemishes and age spots.  

8.   Aids in weight loss

It breaks down fats so your body is able to use them rather than storing the fat away. You can take a tablespoon of apple cider vinegar each morning or dilute it down by mixing it with water.

 9.   Heals unwanted bruises and painful sunburns on the skin

Drench a towel in apple cider vinegar and place on the sunburn. Allow your skin to absorb the vinegar to eliminate the discomfort.

 10.  Extra shiny and voluminous hair

Wash your hair with apple cider vinegar once a week after you shampoo. Use ½ tablespoon for every 1 cup of water.

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