10 Perfect Cold-Weather Date Ideas

We've already had more than our share of snow and subzero temperatures, and don't forget about that polar vortex. There are only so many times you can go to the movies or order in Chinese food. With the weather outside being more than frightful, you might feel as if you are running out of date alternatives. It's time to revamp those cold weather date options, especially for Cupid's favorite holiday.

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Valentine's Day is supposed to be romantic, but when it's freezing cold outside, you might think your options are limited.  It's hard to wear that little black dress and heels or that new suit when there's snow on the ground and it takes 15 layers to step outside. With a little resourcefulness and ingenuity you can have that romantic and fun Valentine's Day, the cold weather be damned.

A cold weather date for Valentine's Day does not have to be played out like dining out at that fancy restaurant. Sometimes it is as simple as pretending to be snowed in or planning a tasty indoor picnic, mapping out a coffee bar crawl or signing up for that cooking or mixology class your partner always wanted to take.

Even though you may be suffering from a case of the wintertime blues or even a wintertime slump, there are many alternatives that do not involve outdoor discomfort. In fact, sometimes the sweetest and most delicious Valentine's Day moments can happen indoors. Get inspired by these sweet winter dates and warm up your dating life this winter!