Scizza Pizza Scissors from 10 Over-the-Top Kitchen Appliances Slide Show

10 Over-the-Top Kitchen Appliances Slide Show

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Scizza Pizza Scissors

Funny thing about these pizza scissors, they do double duty as actual scissors, say, for the home or in that strange dual-use room on every floor in every office building: the copy room/ pantry. This is the perfect present for Administrative Assistant’s Day... who loves pizza. 

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Egg Poaching Cups

There are going to be a lot of burnt fingers with this one. First you crack the egg into a narrow, rounded, mini eggshell-shaped cup. Then you place it on the surface of a pot of boiling water. The real secret to a good poached egg? Fresh eggs and a gentle simmer.

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Peanut Butter and Jelly Spreader

This got rave reviews everywhere, but really, does the world need a two-sided spatula specifically meant to prevent an unholy transference of peanut butter into the jelly jar or vice versa? I know America has an obsession with PB&J (and apparently so does France), but come on now. 

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Lemon Squeezer

Remember those Tropicana commercials where all you had to do was stick a straw in an orange and drink? Well, if this actually works -- and there is a YouTube video to prove it -- then this is the answer to all of those lifelong desires to drink directly from a fruit.

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Digital Spoon Scale

For the paranoid cook in all of us. Don’t trust your old-fashioned teaspoon and tablespoon. If you pack it too tightly or too loosely, all might be ruined. Well, that might be going to extremes, but so is purchasing a spoon scale to prevent kitchen catastrophes.

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Can Colander

Squeezing out the smelly juice from a tuna can is certainly no fun, but how fun is cleaning out a smelly, specifically designed Can Colander to go with it? And, what with all those mercury warnings, canned tuna shouldn’t be at the top of our lunchtime menus anymore anyway.

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Microwave S'Mores Maker

This is for anyone who misses a good campfire. Fill the S’mores Maker with water, assemble two s’mores, place them underneath the arms of the maker and pop in the microwave. In 30 seconds you’ll have beautiful, melty s’mores. The maker warns against burning yourself when removing the contraption from the microwave. Ahh, just like summer camp.

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Baggy Rack

Kudos to the inventor out there who wants to save us all from the chaos that is a spilled baggy of hot chili, but the answer isn’t a baggy stand. It’s folding over the top of the baggy twice, filling it with a couple big spoonfuls of chili and squaring it on the countertop. 

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Hamburger Patty Caddy by Progressive

If you like your burgers shaped like Mickey D’s then this is the caddy for you. Here’s how it works: stuff some ground meat in there, press down a disk until it’s all spread out, top with more meat and repeat. Sound appetizing?

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Microwaveable Ice Cream Scoop

Carpal tunnel is a universal problem, especially for ice cream fanatics. The old solution was to run your scoop under hot water, but now there’s a much better way. Don’t wait 30 seconds for the water to heat the scoop when, in 30 seconds, the microwave will do it. Peace at last.

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Meat: Pork, and in particular pulled pork, is the most popular, but ribs are also common.
Cooking Methods: Slow-smoked over hickory coals, or occasionally oak.
Sauce: The specialty around Columbia is a mustard-based sauce with a kick of vinegar. Other parts of the state feature tomato-based sauces. Meats are sometimes “mopped” with vinegar and pepper sauces seasoned with salt and black and red pepper.
Serving Styles: Meat is served over white rice with BBQ hash (blended Brunswick Stew).
Traditional Sides: Slaw, hushpuppies, hash, cracklins, fatback, green beans, potato salad, grits and sweet pickles.

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Ultimate Sandwich Showdown

Fluffer-Nutter Sandwich Cookie with Spiced Banana Chips (Blue Smoke Bakery).

Round Cooking Cutter

Use a round cookie cutter to make uniform dumpling wrappers.

Fox Run 5-Piece Stainless Steel Biscuit Cutter Set, $15.12

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