10 Outrageous Themed Destinations Around the World

Wild and crazy venues that prove kitsch isn't just for kids

Normally, when you think of themes, you think back to wielding a lightsaber at your Star Wars-themed birthday party, pajama day during your high school’s homecoming, or that cops and robbers party at your friend’s fraternity in college. Themes can dangerously skate the thin line between playful entertainment and flat-out embarrassing absurdity. But what if the purveyor of the theme wasn’t your prom committee or your own ideas for your kid’s birthdays? What if there was a safe way to partake in outrageous themes that would leave you and your reputation unscathed?

Well, stop thinking about burning those photos of you with Princess Leia hair, because there are a plethora of outrageous themed destinations — from a toilet-themed restaurant in Taipei to a chocolate-focused boutique hotel in Bournemouth — that take getting carried away to the next level.

Love the idea of being a detective? The Safe House in Milwaukee combines espionage with delicious eats. In Bangkok, a Thai NGO found a new way to bring safe sex and contraceptive practices to the table, literally. At Cabbages and Condoms, sex-ed is served a la carte — and don’t forget your complimentary condoms on the way out. And if you’re dying to stay in a hotel fit for a rock star, the Hard Day’s Night Hotel in Liverpool promises ‘Fab Four’ star accommodations that would satisfy any die-hard Beatles fan.

So whether you’d be interested in eating sopas in a sombrero at a pirate cavern, feel like sleeping in an old storefront in Austria, or just want to eat while being suspended in the air — we’ve found your next all-out, wild-and-crazy, themed destination.


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