10 Outrageous Super Bowl Parties Slideshow

The 2011 White House Super Bowl Party

The most exclusive Super Bowl party in 2011 didn’t take place in Dallas. President Obama and first lady Michelle hosted members of his Cabinet and Congress along with pals from Chicago (plus J-Lo and Marc Anthony, says ABC News).

The 150 guests munched on a game-friendly menu of cold weather favorites like bratwurst, Buffalo wings, deep dish pizza, and beers from the home states of the two competing teams: Wisconsin's Hinterland Pale Ale and Amber Ale, and Pennsylvania's Yuengling Lager. Not to be outdone, the White House also served its signature Honey Ale. Yes, made from White House bees and brewed on the manse’s grounds.

The 2011 Diddy Super Bowl Party

Diddy’s Super Bowl parties don’t come cheap. Last year in Dallas this event — one of three he lent his name to — cost $25,000 for “VIP” treatment. (Amenities included 10 free bottles of booze and valet parking, which is nothing short of first class).

Held at the Tower Building at Fair Park, the event featured, shockingly, dancing girls positioned throughout the room — behind a wall of water, on podiums, painted on swings. Diddy showed up after midnight, about four hours after the party started.

The 2011 Playboy Party

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In the name of marketing and reinforcing global strategy, Playboy once again put its cotton-tailed Playmates on display at this bash at the Aloft Hotel in Dallas. According to the Dallas News, the evening had an eclectic crowd including Snoop Dogg, the cast of Glee, Chelsea Handler, Tony Romo, and “The Situation.”

For those not lucky or famous enough to get a comp'ed entrance, tickets cost $1,250, almost as much as the most expensive seat at the actual Super Bowl. The Playmates guided guests through rooms dressed up to look like London, Macau, Miami, Cancun, and Las Vegas — décor included an S-shaped leopard-print chaise in Vegas and a Mini Cooper tipped on two wheels in the London room.

The 2009 Saturday Night Spectacular

With party tickets starting in the triple figures and rising from there, most parties seem overpriced. The 2009 Saturday Night Spectacular in Tampa, Fla., co-hosted by Michael Strahan and Kevin Costner at the Pepin Hospitality Centre surely fits that bill.

Sure, John Travolta hosted the fete, but was the $875 ticket price really worth hearing from aging bands of yesteryear like the Starship Supergroup (composed of members from Jefferson Starship) and Toto? Even if Costner’s band played, too, which it did, it’s hard to justify that ticket price. The food better have been really good (and the booze even better).

The 2010 Maxim Super Bowl Party

It’s thought to be the crème de la crème of Super Bowl parties, with a budget easily in the seven-figure range, and only VIPs earning the exclusive invites (though tickets can be purchased through brokers for $1,500). Held outside by the pool at the Raleigh Hotel in South Beach, the 2010 Maxim Party brought together 1,200 rollicking guests like Lindsay Lohan and Brody Jenner — the goal, as always, was to create a favorable male-to-female ratio.

According to a CNBC report, at one point, event organizers brought in a cluster of 30-40 women just to up the female numbers. Incidentally, the party is about more than flashing skin. It’s a revenue stream for Maxim to leverage seven-figure sponsorships and ad deals.

The 2008 Leigh Steinberg Party

Before he declared bankruptcy in January, super-agent Leigh Steinberg was known for holding the most over-the-top parties of Super Bowl week. In 2008, he hosted an astonishing 2,500 people at Phoenix’s Desert Botanical Gardens for an eco-friendly fete of unprecedented magnitude.

Because he obviously valued their company, he sent them home with the oddest assortment of goodies. According to the Washington Post, guests left with florescent light bulbs, Clif bars, body spray for athletes, dietary supplements, golf tees, a T-shirt and udder cream. Udder cream?! Seems a bit lavish for a party that was to be "fully sustainable."

The 2011 Official Sunday Post Game After-Party

Usher’s party started at 9 p.m., despite the fact that the game wasn’t even over yet (and he was likely still at the stadium following his halftime performance). Those who didn’t care about the outcome, and wanted to rub elbows with athletes and stars on the red carpet, could be the first to show up at Black Finn American Saloon and help fill Usher’s pockets with cash. The most affordable tickets — marked as VIP — went for $250, while big spenders opted for the "OMG Table packages" for $20,000.

The 2009 Madden Bowl

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Prior to Super Bowl XLIII in Tampa, NFL stars who weren’t playing in the actual game swung by The Honey Pot club to participate in a video game tournament of Madden NFL ’09, along with food and a premium bar, of course.

Throughout the three-level penthouse, a slew of guys like Mark Sanchez, Donovan McNabb, Terrell Owens, Marshall Faulk, Tony Gonzalez, Aaron Rodgers, and more watched on as eight of their peers played against each other on plasma screens. According to SuperSundayHQ.com, wide receiver Antonio Bryant edged out defensive end Justin Tuck to take the Madden Bowl Trophy. Afterward, another Madden — Joel of Good Charlotte — played DJ into the wee hours.

The 2008 Hearts and Helmets Party

The evening was billed as two big parties rolled in one. According to SuperSundayHQ.com, Pamela Anderson hosted the "Hearts" side while NBA player Shawn Marion hosted a poker tournament for the "Helmets" side. More than 300 guests played in the card tournament alongside poker pros, and models, skimpily dressed as referees, provided as much insight into the game as they could. Alas, to the dismay of most guests, who paid $500 for advance tickets ($1,000 at the door), Anderson stayed in the VIP area for most of the night.

The 2012 Rolling Stone Super Bowl Party

This year in Indianapolis, Rolling Stone will host its first Super Bowl party ever, and it will likely be more spectacular than you can imagine. A Cuban theme will transport guests back to the 1920s, and they’ll have a quadruple bill of acts: LMFAO, Cobra Starship, Gym Class Heroes, and Lupe Fiasco.

Bacardi is on board to ensure each guest will drink well, too, with five hours of top-shelf open bar, along with top-notch cuisine catered in by a local favorite, Savor Society Catering. But tickets aren’t cheap. Held at The Crane Bay events center, a mere two blocks from the stadium, tickets start at just more than $1,000.