10 New Food Laws In 2014

A new year means new laws...and lots of them. Food is a popular thing to regulate, with lawmakers protecting consumers through a variety of laws targeting food safety, allergies, healthy eating and sustainability. But what exactly are we facing now in 2014 when it comes to laws surrounding our sustenance?

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The new regulations run the gauntlet from protective to peculiar. For one, mandatory calorie counts on your favorite convenience snacks sold in vending machines are now a federal law. Financial incentives to get schools to protect kids from food allergies and a ban on a popular seafood delicacy are some of the others gone into effect.

On the more eclectic side, pregnant women trying to fight or prevent postpartum depression might want to give birth in Oregon, where a new law allows moms to keep their placenta, so they can have it crushed to eat.

Plus, there's plenty of controversy surrounding many of these new laws as well, like the debate over whether or not it's a good idea for funeral homes to serve food. Some say "OK," while others say "No Way!"

Even getting a drink can be controversial. One new Texas law could mean you'll pay more in taxes for your cocktails than you're used to. Meanwhile, a New Hampshire law for a later last call could help bars make money but the opposition doesn't want an increase in booze-related hazards like accidents and fighting.

As legislators already begin drafting regulations for 2015, let's have a look at some of the interesting ones that have been passed for this year in 2014.