10 Most Ridiculous Ways To Get Drunk

When it comes to getting drunk — like, really, really drunk — folks sometimes turn to some pretty, shall we say, "creative" methods. Other adjectives that come to mind: crazy, weird, troublesome, wrong, and just plain ridiculous.

Because apparently it is not enough that we do stupid things when we're drunk, people have deemed it necessary to contrive stupid ways to get drunk. And we're not talking about simply bingeing on cheap booze, taking a body shot, or shotgunning beer (though all are certainly worthy of the aforementioned descriptors). No, we're talking about some get-drunk-quick schemes that make keg stands look like a JV aerobics exercise and beer pong seem like mere fun sport.

How else to define the somewhat recent trend of vodka eyeballing, the as-gross-as-it-sounds practice of pouring a shot of the liquor into one's eye? Or the equally unappealing act of snorting vodka? 

To be fair, not all of these methods cross the line into frightening and legitimate health risk territory. Some are more appropriately categorized as silly in a college-frat-mentality kind of way. Like the ever-so-amusing, albeit completely ridiculous, phenomenon known as Champagne Mouth

To be clear, we're advocates of responsible drinking here. In fact, after looking at a few of the more extreme methods, nothing might make you more appreciative of a single, well-made cocktail, great glass of wine, or impeccable craft brew.

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