10 Most Ridiculous Ways to Get Drunk Slideshow


Champagne Mouth

Consider this the 21-and-over equivalent of getting a pie in the face. The concept is simple: Fill a Super Soaker with Champagne, pump, aim at mouth, and enjoy. The result is a high-powered foamy shot of bubbly to the mouth — good luck keeping enough in to swallow — the sight of which would no doubt make a wine enthusiast shudder. But to best appreciate the admittedly highlarious cult phenomenon, you really need to watch the videos.

Beer Luge

Basically this entails making a game out of racing against a fellow imbiber to see who is the fastest at chugging beer that is poured down an ice luge. Not unlike drinking from a beer bong, really, except here the drink is served chilled. Still, it requires that you get on your knees and slurp from a giant block of carved ice when you could just crack open a cold one.

Vodka Eyeballing

There's a bad joke to be made here about "eyeing a drink." But seriously, there's really nothing funny about this difficult-to-explain trend of people consuming vodka by pouring the shot directly into their eyeball. Can I get you a side of permanent eye damage with that hangover?

Suicide Shot


As if plain old tequila shots didn't often enough lead to trouble, this one really ups the ante. First you snort the salt, then you drink the shot of tequila, and for the grand finale, squeeze lime juice in your eye.

Louisville Chugger


A ridiculous game for the baseball-loving imbiber. It goes a little something like this: Cut off the handle of a whiffle-ball bat, fill the bat with beer, and then drink. However long it takes you to drink the beer is how long you have to spin head-down around the bat, all before attempting to hit an empty beer can that is pitched to you. According to some rules, if you get three strikes, you have to repeat the whole exercise over again.

Edward 40-Hands

This frat house favorite involves a person having a bottle of 40-ounce malt liquor duct-taped to each hand. From there, the options are pretty limited: Drink until both bottles are empty.  

Whipped Lightning

This alcohol-spiked whipped cream got a boost in popularity in the wake of last year's Four Loko ban. Some flavors of this canned boozy confection contain up to 18 percent alcohol by volume — equivalent to about four beers. Is it the best fusion of dessert and alcohol? Doubtful.

Wine Rack/Beer Belly/Sippin' Seat

Forget beer hats, these wacky gadgets really take boozy accoutrements to the next level of ridiculous. A bra that you can drink wine from, a faux beer belly for consuming your much beloved suds, and a seat pad that you can drink pretty much anything out of. Classy.



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Snorting Vodka

If it sounds like a bad idea, looks like a bad idea, tastes like a bad idea, chances are... yeah, you know where this is going. Wanting to get drunk faster is just no excuse for engaging in this frightening and seriously dangerous practice.


Also known as prison wine, this is no homebrew to brag about. This vile alcoholic beverage — typically made by fermenting ingredients like apples, oranges, fruit cocktail, ketchup, sugar, and sometimes bread in a ziplock bag — was originally created (and is mostly consumed by) prisoners. Apparently some batches can even reach up to 14 percent alcohol by volume. The trade off? A product that is commonly described as tasting like vomit-flavored wine.



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