10 Most Memorable Thanksgiving Scenes In Movies

Whether you celebrate the day by eating a delicious meal, watching football, or braving the parade route, Thanksgiving is a time for togetherness and feasting. Except, you know, when your mom brings up the fact that you haven't given her grandchildren yet. Or your estranged uncle makes a pass at your sister. Then Thanksgiving takes a somewhat traditional turn for the awkward, the dicey, and the crazy.

Yes, Thanksgiving is sort of a dichotomy. On one hand, you have the holiday's sense of togetherness. On the other hand, there is a dash of family tension and insanity. This duality is true of Thanksgiving films, too, as there are a multitude of movies out there that feature the day prominently. How could there not be? As one of the biggest holidays of the year, Hollywood would be wrong to ignore it.

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And even Hollywood does a good job of balancing the crazy in their films. Take Sandra Bullock's performance in The Blind Side, for example. During the movie's Thanksgiving scene, her family grasps hands with Michael, symbolizing their acceptance of him into their family and into their lives. It is a touching scene that gives viewers a taste of what the holiday should portray. 

Then, there's Hollywood's portrayal of the stereotypical family warfare that goes on during the holiday. Robert Downey Jr. displays this best with his performance in Home for the Holidays during one of the most awkward holiday scenes caught on film. Not only does he throw an entire turkey in his sister's lap, he then continues on to insult her and question her familial origins (even comparing her to a certain primate species).

Enjoy some of these funny and touching Thanksgiving flicks as you prepare for the big holiday season.

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