10 Most Expensive Cupcakes Ever (Slideshow)

Find out what cupcakes are valued at $55,000

Magnolia Bakery’s Caramel Cupcakes

Magnolia Bakery’s cupcakes may not have the incredible price tag as some of the others. But the bakery was popularized by Carrie Bradshaw and has earned the right to charge $24 for a half dozen - a hefty price tag for a domestic bakery. 

Crave Cupcake’s Maple Bacon Cupcake

Even the people of Australia are getting on board with the expensive cupcake trend. Crave Cupcake’s maple bacon cupcake clocks in at $45 a pop and is adorned with a golden Champagne macaron. 

Sprinkles Cupcakes Dozen

Sprinkles Bakery is one of the premiere cupcake spots, often thought of as the first cupcake bakery in Los Angeles. That allows them to charge a hefty price  - $39 a dozen - for a drop in corner bakery.

Bloomsbury’s Golden Phoenix

The Golden Phoenix cupcake debuted in Dubai and clocks in at 645 British pounds - over $1,000 U.S. dollars. It is wrapped in 23 carat gold and is made with flour that is imported from Italy. The entire thing is also completely edible. 

Palazzo Decadence D’or Cupcake

This cupcake doesn’t have any tricks or diamonds encrusting it. The high price tag, $750, comes from the luxurious ingredients used. Palmira single-estate chocolate and Tahitian gold vanilla caviar make this treat worth the price.

Food Network UK’s Luxe Gold Cupcake

When Food Network does something, they do it right. Their Luxe Gold cupcake is filled with peach and champagne jam and has a dollop of buttercream made with Chateau Yquem. It’s also wrapped in 24 carat gold leaf and is guarded by a velvet rope and personal body guard. Considering it is values at $1,227.70, we cannot say we blame them!

Food Network UK’s Cupcake Dress

Cupcakes can also, apparently, be couture. Food Network UK is at it again with their cupcake dress, made from 300 of the tiny treats. The price tag? $1,257.00 

Mervis Diamond’s Fantasty Cupcake

Mervis Diamonds created this cupcake to celebrate the store’s 100th anniversary. It was studded with diamonds all over and oozed supreme luxury. The price tag values at an estimated $30,000. 

Cupcake Gourmet’s Sparkling Red Velvet

Women who ordered this Valentine’s Day treat were met with an exciting surprise. The red velvet cupcake, priced at $55,000, included an eight carat engagement ring in the center. 

Rox Diamond Cupcake

The Rox Diamond cupcake was created to honor the annual Glam in the City event in Scotland. The cupcake, a pretty pink treat, is dripping with tiny diamonds and is worth over $150,000.