10 Most Disgusting Cocktail Names

A look through cocktail indexes like Mr. Boston Official Bartender's Guide offers a peek into the world of bizarrely named shooters, punches and mixed drinks. Some names hover on illicit but a lot of them are just plain disgusting.

For instance the Fuzzy Navel is a perfect example of a classic cocktail name that is completely unappetizing. Sure, the name has to do with peach schnapps but ordering what sounds like a hairy belly-button is enough to get us drinking whiskey neat instead. If a Fuzzy Navel seems tame, we've got a bunch more classic cocktails that are more stomach-churning than a Cement Mixer.

As it happens, some of the cocktails with the worst monikers have survived nearly a century, but maybe their infamy saved them from being completely forgotten.


Buzzard's Breath

Apparently buzzards have slightly minty breath because this shooter mixes peppermint schnapps with amaretto almond liqueur and coffee liqueur.

Buzzard's Breath Recipe


Fat Like Buddha

Drinking too many cocktails will indeed make you gain weight, but that's the last thing you want to think about during a night out on the town.

Fat Like Buddha Recipe


Monkey Gland

From the 1920s, the drink was apparently named for the gory work of Russian scientist Serge Vrononoff.

Monkey Gland Recipe


Salty Dog

Cute in reference to a weathered fisherman but do you want sip on it? Ahoy matey, turns out it's just gin, grapefruit juice and salt.

Salty Dog Recipe


Beauty Spot

We all know "beauty spot" is just a nice name for a mole, but this vibrant red-orange cocktail with gin, vermouth, orange juice and grenadine looks better than it sounds.

Beauty Spot Recipe


Goat's Delight

This one has been around since before Prohibition, as evidenced by the inclusion of a dash of absinthe — enough to get your goat.

Goat's Delight Recipe



We're guessing the blue curacao in this cocktail is to blame for the gross name, but it is a misnomer — cleanliness definitely doesn't result from drinking these. See also: the Antifreeze.

Windex Recipe


Brain Tumor

There are also cocktails named the Brain Damage and Brain Hemorrhage, but the mix of Bailey's, cherry brandy and peach schnapps definitely takes the cake.

Brain Tumor


Blood and Sand

Being named after a Rudolph Valentino film, according to Gourmet.com, doesn't make the scotch-brandy-orange juice mixed drink any more appealing.

Blood and Sand Recipe


Duck Fart

Need we say more? We suggest you slam this odd combo of rye, Irish cream and coffee liqueur.

Duck Fart Recipe


Heard of any more hilariously disgusting drink recipes? Tell us in the comments below and we'll post them!