The 10 Most Caffeinated Cities in America

You won't believe which two cities beat out Seattle in this new study from
The 10 Most Caffeinated Cities in America
Arthur Bovino just came out with an interesting (and sort of surprising?) list of the country's most caffeinated cities.

1. Chicago
2. New York
3. Seattle
4. San Francisco
5. Los Angeles
6. Washington, D.C.
7. San Jose, Calif.
8. Portland, Ore.
9. Miami
10. Minneapolis, Minn.

In a surprising turn of events, Chicago beat out both New York and Seattle, which is arguably America's coffee capital. The list measured coffee consumption by the amount of money spent at local coffee houses and national chains — folks in these cities like their coffee, are more likely to go out for coffee (rather than make it at home), and spend more on a cup (so lattes at a coffee house were tabulated, but not, say, cups of coffee at a diner).

If you live in one of these 10 cities, a coffee shop might be a great place to meet future dates — people obviously hang out in coffee shops.

The article makes another interesting point about coffee shops and dating:

"If you think about it, coffee is the most affordable luxury that people have on hand. You can get coffee that rivals the best of the other luxuries — the best wine, beer, or food out there — for $5. It's ridiculous. You can spend a little bit of money and treat yourself extremely well."

Cool thought, right? You can treat your date to the crème-de-la-crème, without having to break the bank. A mid-afternoon coffee date is also a great alternative for first dates — you can test the waters, and if all goes well, plan dinner or drinks for next time.

— Chiara Atik, How About We



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