10 More Bets to Win You Drinks at Bars

If you can pull these off, you could have 10 free drinks this weekend

Just like those 10 party bets you'll always win, Quirkology brings you another 10 bets that you can probably get away with always winning, as long as you don't bet the same person twice.

Most of these tricks can be done at any old bar with matches, coins, wine glasses, and pint glasses, and most of these tricks, when played right, will go your way. But careful; if your opponents are belligerent, things could get nasty. A bet you know you're going to win is just one step away from a con, and that's never a good thing to be called out on.

Check out the tricks below, try to pull these over on your friends, and once they know all your tricks, we're sure Quirkology will have another round to try out. Our favorites involve wine glasses, cards, and free drinks. (Note: the first trick involving the money, it seems like the trick is to align the bill just outside your friend's fingers.)