10 Kitchen Gifts For Less Than $10

Having an at-home chef on your holiday gift list is both a blessing and a curse. You know that there are tons of things that you can get this person. After all, to take cooking seriously they need a kitchen stocked to the brim with useful gadgets and helpful tools. But knowing what to get them can be a challenge. And even more troublesome, being an at-home chef is not a cheap hobby. Most of the things they need are high-powered electronics and expensive tools.

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But oftentimes when we think of buying gifts for the holidays, we think too big. While they may have cabinets full of big-ticket items, their smaller appliance drawers could easily be lacking. To help them fill the void for the mini-necessities (or just fun gadgets any food lover will adore), we came up with an easily accessible list of 10 great kitchen-themed gifts for less than $10 to help you stuff stockings and wow recipients.

Some of the items on our list, like the pie crust shield from Williams-Sonoma, are great for the super-niche at-home cook who loves to focus on baking. We have gifts like waffle cone ice cream bowls from Sur La Table that are perfect for the hostess on your list, and even found great entertaining chopsticks for the person you loves to order in.

Don't break the bank this holiday season and give a gift they will love without hurting your wallet. Click through our slideshow for more practical options now!

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