10 Home-Run Hotel Packages for Baseball Fans

From Cracker Jacks to memorabilia, these hotels show extra love to traveling baseball fans

When you live a short drive’s distance from your favorite baseball team’s home field, it can be anxiety-inducing when they go on the road. Where are you supposed to watch the game? Do they really expect you to do so on some supposedly “HD” TV? You are used to live action, smelling the players’ sweat, and feeling the rush of competition. You are going to be right by their side through thick and thin — even if that means traveling to San Francisco, Boston, and Chicago all summer-long. You’re a giver.  

Lucky for you hotels across the country are showing some extra love for traveling baseball fans by offering packages geared toward their very wants and needs. Heading to watch the San Diego Padres? The Omni Hotel San Diego will deliver fresh apple pie to your room. San Francisco Giants calling your name? Stay at the Powell Hotel in a sumptuous Junior Suite reserved just for baseball-lovers. One thing these hotels don’t stipulate is having to be a fan of the home team, so if you’re a supporter of the visiting team, just enjoy the pie and maybe don’t practice your team’s cheers in the lobby.

Anyone heading to Boston to see a Red Sox game should book the Baseball Suite at the Commonwealth Hotel. It is a full suite decked out for the roving baseball fan with sophisticated (not kitschy) memorabilia, vintage baseball posters, and an impressive trading card collection. Did we mention the classic baseball movie collection and such iconic stadium snacks as Cracker Jacks and glass Coca Cola bottles?

With amenities like these and baseball fever in its earliest stages, you may even be inspired to plan a baseball stadium tour this summer. Did someone say road trip?

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